Summer Essentials: What Are Yours?

Hi Dolls, I’ve been wanting to do a Summer Essentials for a while now and I honestly never got around to it because, well…I’m always crazy busy and a tad bit lazy, it ain’t even funny! The end of summer is near,  but  I’m gonna do one anyways. So, recently I have been inspired by Salt City Optics, which is an online prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses retailer to do a post on what are my essentials for the sun. They’re amazing and there’s a link below for you to check ’em out!

My Essentials:

1. Sanex:

  I absolutely  love this deodorant! Its so amazing and perfect for summer or all year round. What I love about this deodorant is that it really does what it says, it definitely lasts for 48H or sometimes longer. I love the fact that it has Micro Talc which is hints of powder and this prevents that sticky feel in the underarms and it smells amazing! Definitely a summer essential!

2. Body Lotion:


Usually around the summertime is when my skin decides to just get dry and crusty lol, but this lotion is probably the best body moisturiser I have ever used! I love the scent it smells fresh, I really like how it actually has hints of Vaseline in it as it really helps lock in moisture, dries quickly and adds some glow!

3. Matte Bronzer:

  I’m a bargain hunter, I really like getting things on a budget and this by far is absolutely one of my best purchases! I bought this matte bronzer for €1.49 in Dealz. I fell in love with the price and the product as well! I use this as a setting powder because it’s the exact same colour as my skin and gives me the matte look I adore. Once again major Summer Essential!

 4. Petroleum Jelly – Vaseline:

Lastly, in the summer I love having a glowy-dewy, and this lovely friend of mine does the job excellently. I recommend using this in really small amounts because a little bit goes a long way, like we wanna look glowy and not greasy lol. Now my skin tone already has that bronzy look to it so I usually mix it with my body lotion just to get that natural look.

I hope you all enjoyed viewing my summer essentials! I have a lot more but I couldn’t include all of them. Please do like & share & tell me what your essentials are. Don’t forget to check out Salt City Optics because they have amazing prescription glasses that can suit absolutely any season!

Nina x


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